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This directory contains issues of the FreeBSD Newsletter, published
and distributed free of charge by Walnut Creek CDROM.  To get a printed
copy, please register at or send
email to (please include full name and postal address
info) stating that you would like to be added to the FreeBSD mailing list.

If you would prefer to save trees, and that's always appreciated,
then please download the PDF version(s) from this directory and read
them with your favorite PDF reader.  If you have the ports collection
installed (see if you do not) then either
/usr/ports/graphics/xpdf or /usr/ports/print/gv can be used for quite
acceptable viewing of PDF documents under the X Window System.  If you're
configured for Linux emulation, the Linux acroread binary also works
quite well too (and looks rather nice with its anti-aliased fonts) - you
can find it in /usr/ports/print/acroread.

Once you've installed a viewer, simply start X and run the viewer
on the <issuename>.pdf file you're interested in.  The file
<issuename>.txt also contains background information about a
particular issue.

Articles published in the FreeBSD Newsletter are freely reprintable
elsewhere as long as proper credit to the author is given. Submissions
for the next issue also always gratefully accepted by sending email to - plain ASCII text (and gif/jpeg files if
your article contains artwork) will do fine - we'll handle all
the formatting details.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person
who has contributed to the FreeBSD newsletter so far. Without such volunteer
submissions, this newsletter simply would not exist!


				Jordan K. Hubbard
				Newsletter Editor